in your own opinions, what is the best way to model the skin of a bat wing?

I’m modeling some small creatures, ya’know to play up the ambiance in an RPG or whatever and just make the world feel more alive.

so far everything has been going dandy and swell, things like little squirrels, mice, badgers, and whatnot all come out fine.

but then i hit a snag on creatures with thin skin/webbings, for example the wings of a bat.

so basically my question is this, every time i try and make a bat wing it comes out akward and looks not too much like a bat wing, and for some reason ends up hard to animate in general. so what method have you found to be most effective and efficient for making thin skin/webbings like a bat’s win skin, or Duck foot webbing?

there’s a dragon in the open source blender movie ‘sintel’. you could download the file and examine the mesh and rig.

thanks for the info i didnt know that.

ill go get it