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Hello all.

In the latest 3D World magazine some of you may have seen the pocket watch tutorial for Cinema 4D. I decided to follow the tutorial and see how easy it was to translate to blender and on the modeling side of things it worked out quite easy. Though as soon as it got to shading/texturing render etc. I was lost and I am sure that some of the features the Cinema 4D that allow you to obtain certain effects must be done in a completely different way to get the same effects in blender. To make matters worse: texturing isn’t my strong side at all. In the end I diverted from the tutorial and experimented with the Yafray ray tracer and HDRI scenes which was interesting.

Anyway I am not very satisfied with the way this whole model/scene has turned out and I am not sure whether I really want to do more to it but I am putting it up for feedback to get some idea on what you think.

Feedback in any way, shape or form is completely welcome.

Thank you for looking.



hi, I suppose the first thing I notice was the lack of Glass cover. the hands would not be exposed like that.
The Gold rim could have glass in it, but it would look better on the watch.
the wood texture is a little low res & too small at the same time, the watch would only cover approx 1/2 a floorboard.
looking good but with a few tweaks it could be better.
good luck.

my critique:
about that obvious bump-map, You should either take some higher res bump map or (the better and harder way) model it, or at least some outlines if u know what i mean.
also the HDRI You’re using is quite low res judging by the reflection (which is too strong in my opinion).

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Thanks allot guys, for your comments.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to finish this model off as work and other projects have got in the way but your critique has highlighted points that I can take on board in my other projects - so thanks again.

Just a question to kroni (and perhaps this isn’t the right place to ask but…):

With your Citroen C2 project I see you have done a very effective clay render of your W.I.P model and I also found where you had given the material specs for the clay material but in the way of light setup and background I was wonder if you could give me a bit more information. What I am particularly interested in is how you achieved that effect the background has of having that 3D sense if you understand what I mean. Also what AO and sun light settings/colours are you using?

I am realizing (perhaps a little too late) that there is an art to presenting work in progress or for critique for that matter and I can see you have a good grasp on that presentation.

Thanks once again for your help


thx :wink:

dont know what u mean by 3d sense, but here’s the whole setup, well i dont know if it’s exactly the same setup as the ones used but if its not it’s close.

i used this HDRI (had to tweak it a bit with cinepaint though, mainly gamma&exposure)
If u have any further questions PM me (i dont think this is an appropriate place for such discussion :wink: )

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