Inactive 'Engine' entry in renderers drop-down menu

(Metin Seven) #1


I’m wondering: is the inactive ‘Engine’ entry in Blender’s renderers drop-down menu the discontinued BGE?


And is there maybe a way to clear it from the drop-down list?

Thanks in advance.

(cgCody) #2

I think that’s just the title for the menu. When pop-up menus in blender are near the top of the window, they flip to become drop-down menus.

(Metin Seven) #3

Aha! If this has been around since a long time then I guess I have been blind to it until I suddenly noticed it recently. :grin:

(cgCody) #4

Hey, it happens. I think we’ve all had those moments where we stand back in bewilderment and say, “Has that [thing] always been like that?!” :smile: