Incense Stick or rather the smoke it makes - cycles

Im trying to recreate this sort of smoke wich comes from Cigarettes, incence Sticks or extinguished Candles.

The sims won’t really do it so I modeled a wavey fabric tape sort of mesh and gave it this material

And this is my result sofar

its getting there but I don’t see what is missing (probably because I have done nothing else the last 7 hours)
sooo… any advice?

For those larger wisps of smoke that look almost like ribbons, you could maybe use a Fresnel node to mix transparency and emission on a ribbon-shaped mesh. That should give you the shape and the glowing edge effect. Then just use the compositor to blur it along with the (very nice) thinner wisp you’ve already achieved.

Thanks, Ill try that.

Wow, that really did the job filling up those “holes” in the smoke. Now it’s to the modeling!

Nice, I’m glad that it seems to be working out.