Inception spinning totem + small animation

Hi, I just finished a small animation of the spinning totem from inception, I made it just for practice so it’s nothing major but I kinda liked the result (ps. I didn’t really want to crop out the microrender watermark but it was too far away from the totem, it is still there in the video)

I rendered the totem itself in Cycles and the rest I rendered with Microrender, I was originally planning to render everything with Cycles but I couldn’t get the lighting to display like I wanted it to (with the different render-layers and such) so I decided to mix Cycles with Microrender and it worked out perfectly.

Here is the animation: (available in 1080p :eyebrowlift:)

Extra note: There is absolutely no GI used in this video.

Ninth Jake - I made a similar test some time ago ( but I menaged to use Cycles for this. How long did you fried one frame with Microrender?

Yeah your animation was an inspiration to me for this project, I just couldn’t find your video so I had to go by memory.

Microrender is extremely fast and rendered each frame in 13 seconds :slight_smile: