Inception Totem Scene

Hello I’m learning how to make photo realistic renders, this is my first attempt. I’ve tried to apply most of what I learned from Blender Guru’s tutorial Photorealism Explained.
The scene was made using Blender(Cycles) and post processed in GIMP
I’d love to see what you think about this render, any C&C is highly appreciated! Thank you! =)


Nice lighting and textures!

One personal suggestion is that the plane seems infinite and it blends too quickly. In real life, we would see the end of the table or a background ?


Hey, thank you @johhnry
You are correct, I made the plane infinite but after reading your feedback I went to blender and took a render of the background produced by the HDRi (I’m using Kiara Interiror by HDRi Haven) then I added to the image with GIMP, now I got 3 versions.

The first one it’s almost the same but with some dust particles to add a bit more detail for that endless plane xD

In the second version the background was added with a good amount of blur applied

In the third version the background has a half of the previous amount of blur

The second one is my favorite

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