InCh WoRm

Here’s just a little somethign that i was having fun with but it turned out in my opinion pretty nice - the tree branches were really hard to get to look right - they are about 280 thousand vertices in those alone! It took about four hours to render with the glow and several crashes, ao 16, area lights 16, 16 osa, and loads of other stuff including the good old zblur! I’m going to make a series of these little guys/gals and put them in a scene - in the trees of course, with a little bit of foliage and what not it should turn out pretty nice!


i’ve got a high res 1024x768 but didn’t want to post it since the 800x600 is plenty big…

comments and crits welcomed! one of the things that I think will be addresses will be the iris which i plan on fix in a new version of it - that was a homemade texture and got a little bit of off… plus the jpg pixelation with a little bump created artifacts… other then that the only other flaw that i can see is that the head needs to be better joined to the body… have at it! :wink:

Daniel (prince)

It’s a Shrek Sperm!

ahh, j/k. looks great! i would imagine a little bit more depth/thickness to the eyelids right around the eyes might help a bit?

the wood looks good, but seems a little flat for some reason. can’t really put my finger on it, but it just seems off to my eye…

dont really have much else to crit, he’s looking nice!

Quite nice. I like the worm design.

Two things that immediately strike me.

  1. The low res eye texture kinda ruins the image a little bit.

  2. Secondly, you might wanna try and rework the lighting somewhat.
    The current lighting makes it look kinda flat and cold.

Take a look on the internet for generic lighting tutorials. Just to get going with the theory behind how to light a scene. Especially, which colors appear at which times of the day.
Try and look at photograph with a similar theme and setting and compare the lighting and the mood with your image. (e.g. a picture of birds in a nest)

The worms body seems to have no texture, just pure color. Good lighting can really make it look a lot better than it is.

If you want a specific highlight here or there, just use a omni light, but turn off its shadow. Great way to “cheat” your way to more shininess. (If thats what you want.)

Last but not least, with a character like this, where most of the expression is in the eye, try to model the eye fully. e.g. with a lens that slightly sticks out and the iris being concave. If you google for “pixar eyes tutorial”, I’m sure you will find some relevant information.
Generally, if you model the eye fully, it will not only look better, but also catch highlights and reflections better.

wow, i feel like a newb all over again ( :smiley: ) - i hate to tell you but i’ve done everything in your post :wink: - when someone says arealights 16, osa 16, ao 16 and zblur and glow effects - they usually have gone through all of the tutorials on lighting :stuck_out_tongue: - still i’ve taken some time to work with the lights and shadows some more and i’ve come up with:

i still haven’t fixed the eye - i know it might seem like it’s been just a texture slapped on there but it’s actually modelled from what i could remember from the old pixar tut without actually going back and reading it! there’s really a lens, eyelashes, iris, pupil, and even a nor map just for the reflection sheene on the iris! The camera angle might not show it all that well - i’ll look for a higher resolution image though - like i mentione din my first post - that’s the one thing that really distracts from the image…

as far as the skin goes - I didn’t originally intend on him having a texture - it’s suppose to have that artistic cartoony look going - inspired from the famous blender image “Swim Merlin! Swim!” by Vexenom (sorry if it’s not the right spelling! :expressionless: ) if you all think it should have a texture i think i could muster one up - i really wanted the worm to be ramp shaded as much as possible and I figured that a texture other then a simple blend or bump would distract from the shaders - i’ll see what a test render looks like! :slight_smile:

more comments, crits, suggestion, more then welcome! and don’t worry ChojinDSL - i really did listen to those and i’ll reconsider some of my set ups - never too old to learn! :wink:


it does look nice.

One thing that struck me…reflection in the eyes habitually do not happen in the white section (very little reflection), but more in the middle section (iris/pupil). Just make a test in a mirror, moving your finger in front of your eye and looking where the reflection appear the most.

keep it up!

i think all the model/texture work looks good in the second photo.

but the view point could be improved a little, it feels like that little thing is going to fall on me from that view point

how about anothe angle from the side, just looks a little akward the head on/look up view.

the model is cool though, maybe would look better on the ground, how does somthing like that get so high up in a tree anyway, haha
cool work dude.

The little guy’s got “oddles of cute,” which serves him well. Oh sure, the ears are much too Shrek like, but he’s the kind of character which will connect with the audience very well and can be made to a lot of cute things.

The setting and background of this shot work very nicely, I think.

sounds like shreck must have eaten too many of my little inch worms - it’s definetly not the other way around - it would have taken too many inch worms to eat a shreck! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

anyway here’s another render with even more realistic leaves, branches, and a better eye:

i worked with the lighting more and added more shadows and highlights - i also tweaked the meshes and it’s getting even more complicated! maxed out at 400,000 verts for the tree branches!

I think you are right though, Ecks, the reflections on the whites realy throws it off - i’ll fix those - i haven’t really done much with the “weight” around the eye - i’ll fix that in another render - this render has one problem really wrong with it and that is that it’s too dark on the wood - atleast i think so - what do you all think?

I think it’s rounding around to a over all nice image and I should be done soon - then i’ll see if I can make some “oodles of friends” (:D) and have him posed somewhere with them - maybe a bird in the background with him scarred out of his wits would be a nice touch too! 8)

C&C still wanted! :wink:


here’s an update - tell me which one is better - the one with the tear shot eye or the other? I fixed pretty much everything mentioned so far - he is still leaning bu the head and tail offset the head so he wouldn’t be falling really…

I like the one with less reflection better. The upper one slighly annoys me in this matter :stuck_out_tongue:


well, i finally got it done - took a while to get it to look right but I made:

InCh WoRm - Be Afraid!


on that last i still think the specular spot was to big and it might be funny if the blue part(cornea, pupil srry forgot what it was called) was almost as big as the eye itself.

ooh yuk no, too much blur.

If you do want the blur, make sure it’s not on the face of the worm.

Also the eyelid bothers me, It needs depth

eye lids fine to me not many eye lids are very thick but i agree about the blur maybe use DOF instead

meh maybe it’s just me.

I’m sorry about this Prince but I rather dislike this piece of work.

heh - everyone is aloud to have their say! you don’t like it though because it is just poor quality - wierd scene or just morally you don’t like it!?

I agree - too much Zblur but because of the close proximaty of the worm to the bird in the background it messes up the auto focus so i had to set it manually and setting it manually by more than .10 units deviation went from noblur to total blur which this was the happy inbetween - i tried using the sharpen plugin but to no effect so i gimped the sharpness - it still isn’t quite sharp enough though - maybe I can gimp it some more…

this was just another pose - the first one was the real deal…

as far as the “spectral” - it wasn’t spec it was glow - it’s an artistic filter that ads a little bit of cartoony brightness and vibrance to the scene - maybe I went over board but it was just a preference - I have a bad dude stance for him i’m working on and he has eye brows and another I plan on making with eyelashes and another with two eyes and a pencil behind his ear - but with so much commercial work lately i haven’t had time… :wink: