incidence angle and/or light angle for controlling normal angle, or shading in nodes?

Does anyone have any ideas on how I might manipulate the NORMAL node’s angle via the incidence angle and/or a lamp’s angle or position?

I’m trying to manipulate the normal angle of a cell(toon)shaded node(I can post any links here yet ugh). I want to I can maintain a constant “lighting” of a characters face by parenting to a bone/null in the character’s-head-mesh in some form the angle/position of a lamp. Thus achieving a bit more of an old-school disney like effect of a character able to maintain a toon-like-lighting appearance aside from the background/environment’s lighting setup.

I know you can do a “version” of what I am talking about using layers, however, I am tryign to achieve this on a per-surface basis.

Any thought/ideas would be appreciated, thanks :-).

again I had lots of toonshade / cellshaded links and movies relating to the types ot nodal-structures other 3d apps use as a reference for using incidence angles or object positions to manipulate the angle of cell-shading, but I cant post them yet, as I’m a new user to Blender.

P.S. Blender rocks. I’m moving some of my new projects from other apps into Blender thanks to the new KEEN character animation abilities of this great app!!! Thanks Blender Dev’s!!!

Similar minds on this one… I was trying to set up a material node that responds to camera incidence angle or specific light incidence angle, (for Toon like renders) and can’t find out how to do it. I can do this in other programs (Lightwave) and really want to be able to use the Node structure of Blender for Materials and Compositor. Pynodes is now available in the Material side, but I haven’t seen any bright coders (Hint: I am not the one) to keep developing a wider range of Pynodes, and I really want to see this extended into the Compositor side, as Blender has the potential to be a flexible and useful as Fusion like tools.

wow finally a reply on this one… until such a feature is added to blender, or pynodes,I’ve resorted to using lights that only work on certain groups, though its not the ideal of what i was hoping to achieve, I too coming from lightwave to blender.

I have not been able to find a coder that would take on the project, ugh…

I’ve also had some other issues that i was not able to find a blender coder willing to assist with: see my other thread:

so i’ve resorted to quite a few workarounds for now, :frowning: