Incident on Panduro

I made a short test animation a few weeks ago and just now went back and tidied it up. Probably doesn’t really work as a short in its own right but I’m reasonably pleased with it.

That was pretty good! The animation was smooth and the reaction on the being when they dropped the camera made it worth while.

Great! Cute and fun.

Great job, Simple and yet playful, that little hover robot dude is full of character… Congrats !!!
I would love to see more of it !

Thanks, Jorge. There are definitely plans for more from him. I need to get a little further up the Blender learning curve first though.

nicely done and good story telling. A bit slow at the start.

Is the HUD overlay blender too or comped in after effects?

The HUD was done in After Effects. I couldn’t figure out a way to do it in Blender at the time.

I like how he looks around to see if anyone saw him drop the camera!