Include files with blender?

I have A question (which I will post after I get this figured out) were I need to include an image along with my blender file (im trying to trace it) currently I have it set as my background image

how do I make the .blend file keep the information of the picture so I can share the blend file to others and have them be able to see the picture set as the background?

do you mean packing the image into the .blend so people can see the image without having to open it?

In the Background Image settings, you can click on a button to pack the image into the .blend :

Then when you save the .blend, the picture will be packed inside of the .blend.

But when someone will open this .blend, he will need to have “Load UI” enabled ( it’s in the in File -> Open menu )

or the background image settings will not be loaded and the image will not appear in the background with your specific settings for it (the image will still be present in the.blend).

thanks I knew there was a way to do it I just forgot