including alpha in animation

how can i include an alpha channel in an animation so i will be able to lay the clip over another in Final Cut Pro?

I’ve been looking at this myself. Haven’t found a clear answer. Anyone?

i think that there is a QT format that has an alpha channel, but the way i do it is by export as individual frames as a TGA format.
and in the render buttons of blender you have to turn on Premul instead of Sky the button is down the bottom underneath the render button

and don’t forget to push RGBA in render buttons too.

oh, and PNG is good format too.


I know I can render a series of TGAs, but is there an easy way to string together 150 TGAs in Final Cut Pro?

There should be some sort of “load sequence of images” functionality in FCP. I’ve used it before, but it’s been so long, I’d have to be sitting at the box to remember where it is.

Thanks for the help guys, I figured it out. I just rendered it as a sequence of PNGs just as Fweeb said.

What I couldn’t remember was how to tell FCP to import a sequence-of-images. %|

Incidentally, the same is true in Blender: in Sequence Editor you add the strip of type Image, not Movie, and press the AKEY to “select all” images in the target directory. (I’m assuming you’re using one directory per strip.)