Incoming newbie!

Hi, I’ve been blending for about 2 weeks now, and I thought I should join this forum. Here is my first Face that I’ve been working on for a couple of days now. There could be lots of improvements still but I’m quite satisfied as it is now. I have some questions too:

Are they going to make better Hair controll sometime soon? I think you dont have enough controll as it is now, It’s very hard to controll the hair, at least long hair.

How do I make the skin look more skin like?

And lastly thanks to everybody who is developing this awesome program, and to those who make tutorials.


you have quite some talent to be a two week blenderhead. did you use other software before?

the skin kan be mapped, you can map textures of wrinkels and such on it.


I have’nt used any specific 3d modelling programs before, but I have made maps for games like farcry and half life. It’s much like half life mapping, the principals are there but this is alot more advanced. So that has probably helped me alot.

wow, damn… been blending for about a month and a half now and you already beat me:p good job, skin could be UV mapped(though I still don’t have the guts to try it), and you can add a cloud texture and make the noise size really small, then in the ‘‘map to’’ tab in material unselect color, click ‘Nor’ twice and set the Nor value to… well… whatever you think looks good… (works for me, don’t know what you think about it).

wtf, for 2weeks, I think that genious :slight_smile:
I´m also quite new to Blender, I don´t think I would get such goos results, if trying to model a head…

Very good for two weeks! Still, faces are a very difficult thing to model even when you’ve been blending for ages, and there are some things you need to work on. The face looks a little too flat, and is either too wide or has the eyes too small and too close together. Also, the nose shape isn’t quite right - specifically the nostrils.

When I make a skin texture the method I generally use is to UV-map the face (there are tutorials on how to do this). I then put the map into photoshop on a semi-transparent layer, add a base skin colour then use the ‘drybrush’ to layer on different skintones. I then create a specularity map using much the same method. Some people also like to make bump-maps but I find they don’t add much unless you have specific detail to add.

Or, it’s possible to create good-looking skintones using procedurals, but it’s hard to get it looking exactly right.

well its nice to see someone that is less lazy than me and actualy likes to learn! ^^Torq Better Face tut.

You have put your finger on the two issues that plague realistic life modelers. For particle hair, Modron’s Calling All HairMasters! has a couple of blend files showing how to use curve guides and force fields to get particle hair under control. Unfortunately (Modron!!) the lack of a space between Hair and Masters means BlenderArtists’ search won’t find it if you look for “hair”. At present, that post represents the state of the art with current tools.

The best (ie:most photorealistic) skin is done by painting UV maps. The painting (or merging of photos) is usually done in a 2D image program, the Gimp or Photoshop are popular, but I’ve noticed some people using PaintShopPro and others. The real experts in this field are generally working in the animation field and use other 3D modeling programs, but since the painting is done in Photoshop or Gimp, their tutorials apply as well to Blender. So check out the other guys.

Hey, thanks for the input everybody. I’ll look into UV mapping and over all how to do good textures… I’ve been playing around with the fluid simulator lately and it’s really cool :slight_smile: It takes alot of cpu power tho :S