Incompactable between Blender 2.5 and Python 2.6

Are there any possible ways to run Blender 2.5 on Python 2.6 Scripts?

Here’s the case

I have been using Blender 2.49 and Python 2.6 for game development. And I have a lot of downloaded classes files written in Python 2.6.

As version 2.5 supports dynamic loading it would be essential for my game in order to choose character and weapons freely in different maps.

So, is it possible to “downgrade” the Blender 2.5 to run on Python 2.6, or converting Python 2.6 scripts into Python 3.1?

I know this question is stupid, but I am currently stuck in this situation. I would be thankful for any attention or help on this topic.

No way to port those scripts over automatically. Also, the 2.5 python API is still changing.

There are not too many differences between python 2.6 and 3.1, you could probably port all of your scripts.

All the old Python 2.x code has been stripped out of Blender 2.5. This means that Using Blender 2.5 and Python 2.6 is not an option. However, porting your scripts is possible, but will probably require a bit of work:

The game engine API is not changing, or at least it is changing very predictable, since it started at 2.49

Just to mention:

A third alternative would be to download the latest Blender 2.49 from SVN and build your own Blender. It already includes the dynamic loading (according to ideasman).