incomplete file error

I’m not sure where to post this, but I’ll try here. I was working on a project for a friend, I went to open the blend and do the final render, then I get an error saying the file is incomplete. I tried all the other blends on my flash drive, and they’re working fine. I’ve been working on this for a week, and it’s really frustrating to lose everything as soon as I’m finished. Does anyone know what could have caused this, or if it’s repairable?

I’ve had this happened to me before.
I’m not sure what caused it.
I couldn’t fix it either, but luckily I had a previous version saved.
But I’m assuming you’ve checked those.
There’s also back up saves in the tmp folder.

Thanks Cire. I just checked the tmp, nothing. I suppose I’ll either use the old render, or start over.

You might wanna try a file recovery program.
Did you delete any backups? (.blend1)
I’ve had good luck with Revuca.
It might work.

I get the same error with the blend1 file.