Inconsistencies in Mesh Deform modifier

I’m using a Mesh Deform modifier to control deformation of a fairly high-density mesh, circa 15K quads for a smallish mesh. My process for producing the client mesh (the one being deformed) and the modifier target (the deforming mesh) is to model the client as needed using multi-res, then duping it, and using a lower multi-res level on the dupe for the deforming mesh. This gives excellent correspondence of client and target.

However, I’ve found that in binding the target and client meshes, frequently one or a small group of client vertices seems to get “left out” of the binding and there is no deformation of that vertex or vertex cluster. Re-binding will often as not cause new “drop-outs” even if the original ones were fixed. Higher Precision hugely extends binding time but gives no more reliable results that I can see.

So, a couple of ?s –

  1. What aspects of the client and target meshes affect the binding process, such as would cause the drop-outs? For my purposes the target mesh encloses the client mesh very closely – can the surfaces of the two be too close/? I’ve insured that the target does completely enclose the client.

  2. Is there a way to edit the influence of the target mesh much as one would that of an armature (e.g., weight painting, or manual edit of vertex weight in Editing mode)? I could not find anything that indicates this can be done, but I may have missed it.