Inconsistent Capsule Scaling

This seems like a bug, but I wanted to make sure.

When scaling objects, their collision bounds usually scale correctly to the object’s new size. However, this is not the case when using capsule collision bounds. As you can see in the attached .blend, the Cube and Cylinder collision types scale correctly along the z-axis while the Capsule object’s bounds only scale to about 1/30 of the object’s size.

capsule_scaling.blend (79 KB)

Just wanted to check before I submitted a bug report.

As a side note, I understand that scaling on certain axis isn’t supported by certain collision bound types (e.g. you can’t scale a cylinder only on the x-axis or only on the y-axis.). However, I’m only trying to scale on the local z-axis, which should be supported by everything besides Sphere. The scaling clearly works, it is just not scaled the correct amount.

Hi! Same thing on my computer (Blender 2.75 RC1 64 bits)

EDIT: I don’t know what this means but when you “localScale” an object with capsule collisions on 1 axis, the capsule is scaled on all axis: