Inconsistent support for ctrl+clicking to to open pages in new tabs

For example on the Work in Progress page if I cmd+click a post thumbnail it will open in a new tab but the current tab will also navigate to that post when I wanted to current tab to stay put.

Yeah that’s not great, but it’s not under my control. A more robust way of doing it is right-clicking and selecting ‘open link in new tab’.

Are you the webmaster?

Why do you have no control over it?

I’m using open source software. While technically possible to change this behavior, it’s not in my skillset. It’s like saying you could change anything in Blender.

I used to do that stuff but been away from it since like 2016 :frowning:

Looks like there’s an event listener on each item div that listens for clicks on any and all children of the item. If you removed the event listener then cmd+click would work but regular clicks would be a full http request round trip to the server for the next page instead of the “ajax” replacement of the current page’s contents. Or you could add an element within each entry which stops the event from “bubbling” up to the parent item div… but that would involve a little css and most likely your system is using all the modern mumbo jumbo I don’t know anything about so I wouldn’t even be able to make that small change myself :sigh:

Guess I’ll have to just live with right clicking or make my own user-script to scratch that itch for myself.

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Problem solved. Going to make a custom image browser for the featured and wip sections using the site’s json api.

itch scratched -


wait what? You had a mild annoyance and just threw that thing together??

Alright, impressive…