Incorrect frame displayed for MOV movie file

Bit difficult to explain this one, but I am trying to follow the tutorials on the Track, Match, Blend DVD and I am finding out that what is displayed in the movie clip editor for a particular frame on the time line differs after initially loading the file and tracking a single point.

From a clean start of Blender, I can load a mov file, set the end frame, add a tracking point and track successfully, but if I go back to the first frame 1 to add a second point what was on the first frame is no longer displayed… instead I am seeing what was on the LAST frame … and equally what is displayed for frame 2 looks like what was on frame 1 … essentially the video has shifted and ‘wrapped’ so the last frame is the first and all other frames are offset. Result is tracking is impossible…

Any ideas? Should I be creating an image sequence from the MOV’s and tracking that?

I have tried Blender 2.62 official - but was working with 2.63 RC1.

Hi kkimber and welcome to the forum.
In the first video sebastianK says there are some problems with .mov files and blender (If you don´t have an Apple computer)
and he recommends image sequences in most cases.
First pointtracking video.
Cheers, mib.

Well guess I need to try converting image sequences and see how that goes…

From memory (I might need to watch the first video again) I thought that MOV’s were OK with later versions of blender - one reason why I switched to the 2.63 RC1 when first playing with the tracking tutorials …

Seems a shame I need to convert all of the training materials to get things working !!