Increase Character object's fall speed?

Setting up the player for a platformer, currently using Character physics, as well as using the “Jump” button found in the Motion Actuator.

Having a problem here though, the player takes a little too long to fall back down after a jump. (even walking off a ledge)
Tried messing around with the fall speed in the properties menu, but it only affects the terminal velocity.
Also tried adjusting the gravity, but it seems to have no influence on Character Physic types.

Any ideas?

No other way than to use python?
Not fully understanding the post you directed me to :[

you just need a simple script, that runs 1 time to set the gravity setting in the character wrapper?


CharTestForPickle.blend (403 KB)

Thanks a bunch BPR,
works perfectly!

You saved the day once again :]

N/P , you may need a stronger jump after this though,

now the tough part is gonna be deciding on a proper falling speed/jump height ratio…

thanks again!

you can have it change using python in real time as well :smiley: