Increase font size for debug properties?

I want to test Blender and my laptop screen for input lag.
One way is using a timer property and a camera filming my laptop running a bge game simulation.
But the text is too small.

So is there a way to increase the font size for the debug properties text during a bge game simulation?
If not then I’ll probably just use a stopwatch app.


I don’t think you can. Even increasing the DPI (text size) dint’t help (it is in User Preferences > System > DPI (top-left)),

You could try using a text object, add a Timer (Game Properties) and a Text Property (Text Properties). Then connect an Always Sensor (True Pulse) to Property Actuator, set on copy, where the Text Prop copies the Timer.

Or use the stopwatch.

Thanks Nemescraft. It worked.
Rough rough estimate of input lag for Blender game simulation: 5-7 frames.
But this is a really really rough estimate.

5-7 frames would be 100ms behind. You would notice that hugely. In all of my time with BGE, I have never noticed that. So I suspect your method of measuring may be inaccurate. How are you measuring?

With a 60fps camera filming my finger pressing the keyboard while the game is running. lol. The best I have as far as I know.

I should’ve said 5 frames +/- 2 frames i.e 3-7 frames.

What do you think the lag is for BGE?

When examining the video frame by frame:

  • Some frames display two times “ghosted on top of each other” i.e. you can see two numbers displayed on the same frame.

  • Sometimes, the next frame displays a time that’s two frames ahead.

  • Also, I start counting frames when I see my finger move, even slightly, which might not necessarily be when the button is actually considered “pressed”.

  • oh, sometimes two frames of the character’s animation would “ghost on top of each other” too.

P.S. the game was running at full speed 60fps.