increase inactivity time-out from Blenderartist Forums

Hi, I am not sure if I should be writing to one of the moderators here at BlenderArtists or if it fits in this category but…
I want to know if there is a way to increase the time-out timer of inactivity when I am typing my replies or posting a new thread. I think it is so annoying when I have to resign-in due to inactivity, which does not even make sense since you need to be logged in to reply to topic or start a new thread, in the first place.:mad:

Did you enable the ‘Remember Me’ option when you log in. This should keep you logged in.

I think that the problem being reported is that sometimes your session gets dropped in a matter of seconds. The session-data ought to be keeping the session alive whether-or-not “Remember Me” is checked, although this probably would serve as a temporary workaround to the problem.

Starting most-noticeably after the site was whacked recently, I have sometimes been dropped within ten seconds, and then had everything work perfectly, and then had a slew of sudden-drops. There is definitely something set wrongly here.

to : Richard Marklew,
I did not really want to enable “remember me” because I would be affraid that at one point I might forget my password. This is how I remember my password, after typing it in so many times.

to: sundialsvc4,
This is really interesting. I hope more people come to this thread and complain about having the same issue.

Hey there - currently the session length is set to 15mins. However it does sound like it is kicking you out rather quickly. To help me troubleshoot do you have any 3rd party browser plugins active, ad blocks etc? Or if you are able to send in a ticket to [email protected] there is a free screen recorder which you can take a video of it happening.

Look forward to helping out.

Another problem, Wes, is that the system’s response when it times-out is different. (And it definitely is not “15 minutes” … at least, not all the time.) Sometimes you get the “login-challenge … proceed.” But sometimes you get “You’re not logged in … log in and try again … Okay.”

The system should be doing just one thing, all the time, and it should be a thing that lets you move forward: enter your user-id and password, and proceed. Clearly, right now it is kicking down one of two different code-paths, in addition to being quite random and unpredictable about its session-durations.

Could any of the defense mechanisms that were put in place after the recent “events,” possibly be interacting with the forum software now in a negative way? (He said, rubbing his geek-hat thoughtfully…) I’m looking, in my usual way, for “what changed recently?” And of course, in this case the answer is, “everything.”