Increase max number of frames of an ipo using properties.

I have this animation that starts at frame 1 and ends at 100, and I was wondering if it would be possible to make so that if I change a property value from 100 to 200 would it be possible to change the max number of frames used to complete the ipo with a property?:confused:

Method 1:
change frameEnd with a script. Have a look a the KX_IpoActuator API. Do not forget to activate the actator after changing the value.

Method 2:
Switch the actuator to property mode and control it directly with the property. With that method you have the best control.

  • forward play, reverse play, slow play, fast play … everything changable at any time.
  • can be logic brick only
  • You need to count the property by yourself, which can require a bit more logic

I don’t know all that much about python so I can’t really use the first method. And for the second one there’s somthing I want to know. Let’s say I got a cube that expands starting at frame 1 to frame 100, and what I wanna know is how would i increase the max number of frames for the cube to fully expand.:cool:

activate the atuator just once (always sensor)

count the frame property from 1 to 100. It can be an float proerty to allow non-integer values (e.g. 0.6 or 39.7).

you can use the property actuator to change the value of the property.

When it is 100 the cude shows IPO frame 100, if it is 50 it shows IPO frame 50.

Thank you so much for the help! By the way would also happen to know how to change the location of a keyframe on the NLA timeline by using a property? For example let’s say i change a property value from 10 to 20, would it be possible to make it so that the keyframe is now changed to frame 20 from 10? The reason for this is not to slow down the animation, so please don’t suggest for me to do somthing that’ll just slow it down and not change the possiton on the timeline. If you know any methods of doing this please tell me.:wink: