Increase Space Between Keyframes

Hi everyone, is there a way to increase space between keyframes or move keyframes around? My animation is a bit to fast and I would like to slow it down a bit.

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Yes, there is a way to move, rearrange, manipulate, and interpolate your keyframes. To do this, you need to enable “DopeSheet” view. There, you will see your Keyframes in a layered Timeline view for each of your scene objects (i suggest naming objects so you can tell what is what in a cluttered environment), and your keyframes will be represented by diamonds (grey for unselected & yellowe for selected Keyframes). simply click on one, or select multiple keyframes, and the selected KFs will turn yellow (it’s a good idea to hit the A key to deselect any highlighted Keyframes, so you dont accidentally move any KFs that you didnt want to. Once selected, you hit the G key and move the mouse, which will move your KFs along the timeline. You can aslo select all of your KFs, hit the A key to select all, and press S to scale your KFs further apart, or closer together (which will speed up/slow down the animations). You can duplicate selected KFs too by pressing Shift and D. Once you get familiar with the graph editor, you can edit curves to control your KFs interpolation (like having a slow start time to a fast end time, ect" Also, in the graph editor, you can change your selected KF interpolation to Linear “smooth straight transition” ,benzier “curving the start & end KF speed” and Constant "where there is no interpolation between KFs. The Object’s animation doesnt change until it hits its next KF.

Hope this helped.


Thank you very much. It helped me a lot in my first animation.