Increase Texture Quality

Hello guys,I am making a lot of textures for my game,I use 2024,1024 res,but it still doesn’t look clean sharp.
Is there any fix or somehow to increase the quality?
Thank you!

The best way to increase texture quality is to use smaller geometry or various materials. Instead of big textures, use many 512X512.
For example, if your model is a person, use 1 texture for the arm, another for the hand, one for the face, etc.
The best way to achieve that is to make/bake your own textures!

If you just want it to be crisper, you could disable mip-maps, but that doesn’t work for most 3D games, as it makes distance textures look pretty bad (crisp, but scaled down).

a lot of textures can increase the weight of your grame to process, so even if they are 512x512 i think its better to think before make anything. what torakunsama said is valiable but be carefull using too mutch materials, and if the texture is like the ground or tiles you can use a small texture and repeat it on the surface, that way you ll spend less resources on materials and on textures in some cases you can use stencil mapping to change the textures on the same material insead of create a new material.

Well I am talking about a character texture,forgot to mention.