Increase UV Image Quality?

Sorry if this is one of those “Been answered before” things, I could not find the answer. I’m modeling my guitar, and using a UV map to put some nice wood textures on it. However, when zoomed in close to the guitar, the quality isn’t very nice.

Is it just a matter of making an image that’s larger but with the same proportions to use? Is there a way in blender to export a larger version of the UV unwrap?

I’m using the 2.56v by the way.

You just need a bigger texture. You can take the uv-map to photoshop/gimp and resize it 4 times bigger. Just make sure you’re using high-res textures. Also you could use some of blender procedural textures for bumbmap or dirt. Procedural textures are great for close ups.

Got it- thanks!

“Projection painting” is very handy for putting a nice texture on things. You do need to start with a very high resolution image, although sometimes you can use several different resolutions depending on your actual needs and how you intend for the object to be viewed.

Actually, thanks alot, I was wondering the same thing myself!