increasing details

Hey everyone

I’m currently working on a little sculpt-exercise. I want to go pretty deep into detail on this one, but when I try to make very tiny wrinkles(lips, etc), it seems like I can’t reach the needed amount of detail. I can’t “draw” lines which are thin enough.
I’m using dyntopo, and when I increase the detailsize to 100 it doesnt seem to make any difference.
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

here’s my current progress:

Detail size is the size in pixels of the smallest detail you can sculpt. if you want finer details, you should turn it down to 10 or 5. I’ve turned it all the way down to 1 before for testing, and it works, for about 3 strokes, then it bogs down severely. Try turning it down if you want finer details.

Thanks for the hint, it worked just fine.

Here’s a little update.

critique’s welcome :slight_smile: