increasing performance?

I’m really fucked up of my actual project because: Im using a sgi indigo2 for working with blender, now I rendered my scene with some bigger texture (size x 15000px). During the rendering, the program crashes and show me some error about the full swap… Is there any possibility to increase perfomance/constributed rendering maybe? I like to finish my projekt! %|

There are 2 other windows maschines running, connectet with into network.


well, increase your amount of ram and virtual memory

also [before you buy new hardware], try rendering in parts, read about it in the blender documentation. just a few clicks in render buttons

pretty much just set XParts and YParts to numbers higher than one

though, there are bugs with halo materials on the edges of the parts iirc

hehe…did you ever buy some hardware for sgi machines? :wink:

Imagine Im rendering the pic in… 8 parts, total resolution 1024*768
Does he also just load in the parts of textures he needs?



it simply renders the image in pieces and puts them together at the end, thus using less memory holding the color and depth buffers (because for each part it renders they are smaller). Particularly large values for the size of an image, when rendered without parts, can cause several hundred megabytes of memory to be allocated, which seems to have happened for you. Also, you will render a lot faster if you don’t fill up your ram and start using your swap file

thanks! =)
It worked well, it crashed down AFTER the rendering was finished and saved, fine :wink: