Increasing Text Size in Info Window for Learning Python or Other Needs

I’ve seen more than one post about the text size in the Python Console and especially the Info Window. Not talking about the Text Editor, specifically the Info Window and the Python Console

There is a way to increase this text size, but it comes with a caveat.

Go to Edit > Preferences and in the Preferences Window select Interface and click on the triangle/arrow next to Display which is at the top of the categories.

At the top of the Display sub-categories, you will see an option called Resolution. Increasing or decreasing this value will change respectively adjust the text size of the Python Console and Info Panel in the desired scale.

The caveat is that it changes the text size for ALL TEXT, from menus to widgets to everything else. However, if you cannot find a happy medium, most of these other windows have specific ways of individually resizing their text.

It is not a perfect fix, as it may require a good deal of work. But it is a work around until Blender Developers decide to give us an option to selectively adjust font size dpi in these windows.

I hope that helps anyone who needs it.

With my sincerest respects and hopes for awesome content creation,
Jera Wolfe