Increasing the rendering area

Hi to everyone,
I’m a beginner, so sorry if the question is stupid.

I created a scene with blender and I did a render (cycles render). Now I decided that I want to do another render with exactly the same perspective, but involving a bigger area. If I zoom out or move the camera, I can fit a big portion of the scene into the camera view, but this changes the perspective. I tried then to keep the camera fixed and increase the number of pixels in the “resolution” settings (in the menu on the right with the camera picture, section “dimension”) and this kind of works but it does a very annoying thing. Imagine I have the resolution set to X = 1000 px and Y = 1000 px. If I increas X to 2000, it correctly doubles the rendered area in the X direction. But if now I put 2000 px also in the Y direction, instead of doubling the rendered area in the Y direction, it halves it in the X!! The X-Y porportion is maintained but the renderered area is the same as before. How can I do what I want? It should be a very simple task, it looks very natural to me to say: “hey blander please, render this area with this perspective”, but I couldn’t work out how to do it.

Can someone please help me?

Thanks in advance


Hi Giacomo, I’m not quite sure I understand exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve, but here’s a few suggestions.

If you simply want to increase the pixel resolution of your render while keeping everything else the same, then under the resolution setting in the Dimension tab you’ll notice a percentage slider. This is usually at 100%, so when you render you’ll get 100% of the values set in the X and Y resolution. However if you increase this to 200%, for example, then you’ll get a render which is 200% larger.
Note: The X and Y resolution values won’t change but you will get a bigger render.

If however you don’t want to change the pixel resolution of your final render, you just want the camera to see more without changing perspective, then you need to leave the camera exactly where it is and instead change the focal length of the lens to a smaller value, which will give you a greater field of view so you’ll see more of your scene.

What I wanted was exactly what you get by changing the focal length!!!
Thank you very much