Incredible Fosnik Effect Generator

Here it is! The Incredible Fosnik Effect Generator.

Invented in the late 1800’s by Incredible Fosnik (yes, his parents really named him that), this is the only known remaining model of the seven demonstration models he produced during his lifetime.

Comments, critiques, suggestions, brickbats, all welcome.

what on earth is it???texture looks a bit monotonous, was this Fosnik guy monotonous?

He could have been… I’m making him up as I go along. No textures yet. In fact, only one material added so far. Can you find it?

Is it the text?

The button is textured

I think you need to turn up subsurf on the wheel, and change the handle somehow

i LOVE the sound effects it made in the movie “It came from Mars”. I’m glad you were able to get one. Where did you find it? Do you have any plans for using it?

With all the movie business heading out of Southern California for Canada (hmm, maybe it’ll move back now that the US Dollar is tanking) a prop shop in North Hollywood had a going out of business auction. They were practically paying people to haul stuff off. INCLUDING the alien space suit from “It came from Mars.” Unfortunately, that was too big to fit in my trunk.

As for plans, I’ve registered the Incredible Fosnic Effect Generator with Fergusson’s and ISS, but they basically both told me not to hold my breath waiting for any rental income. So right now it’s sitting in the living room next to the fish tank, pretending to be a conversation piece.

@shadowbane: so that’s what that hole in the back of the case was for! thanks, man. I thought it looked a little funky.

@all: button? text? you guys mean the calibration dial? (the pointer is missing. I’ll have to get that fixed.)

Ok, minor crit: It might look better if you lined up the two sides of the top. If you animate it they don’t have to spin at the same speed, or even in the same direction, but it should always come to rest lined up. If they don’t it means that any explosions will be a little too realistic. :slight_smile: Yeah, we were talking about the dial, it looked like a button to me, but once you add the moving part it will be much better.

Buttons. Of course. How could I have forgotten the buttons?

With the indicator needle added to the dial. I lined up the two spinners, but then it looked like a film reel, so I left it alone. Anyway, what’s wrong with realistic explosions? I mean, other than getting visits from the local Homeland Security guys?

well, normally you have to be standing near one of these to use it. Also, they are not usually considered an expendable resource I think you need to smooth the knobs some.

i see artifacts on the wheel.

Now with effectuators. Had to have some way to aim the bloody thing! :evilgrin:

Are they resno-effectuators? Wow, just, wow !! I like it.

Hah. Awesome. I’d buy one if I had the money. XD

The resno-effectuators were added to later versions of the Incredible Fosnik Effect Generator, allowing a smaller generator assembly, which substantially reduced the hazard to the operator. As far as I know, all the models with resno-effectuators were destroyed in the Great Fire, although I have heard rumors that one still exists, owned by a reclusive collector in Brazil.

These are Fosnik’s original horn effectuators, without the baffles that made the resno-effectuators so efficient.

Sooner or later, the markets gonna come back, and I’ll be set for life. I mean, there’s only so many things CG can do, and the Fosnik Effect isn’t one of them. So, sorry, not for sale. For rentals, talk to Fergusson’s or ISS. They handle the details for me, including shipping insurance and liability coverage.

Looks amazing. 2 things though

  1. What is the wierd reflection on the horn effectuators?
  2. I am not really a fan of the texture on the supports. (Just my opinion, you can keep it that way if you like it)

Regarding the odd reflections on the horn: I don’t know, but I’m going to look into it. There’s an equally odd shadow on the other horn, I think it’s related.

The supports are supposed to be galvanized. I’ve seen better, and need to do the research to find out if I can do this as a procedural. Otherwise, I’ll replace it with a UV mapped texture.

Didn’t this model have a tendency to overheat and that’s why he added the cooling fin radiators to the main box?

All the early models had a tendency to overheat. So much so that the first one Fosnik built had a mechanical timer instead of an on-off switch, so it could only run for a limited amount of time before shutting down. This version has a single cooling fan, later models had both the fin radiators and a second fan on the other side.

Then, of course, Fosnik came up with the resno-effectuators, which solved both the efficiency issues and also reduced power consumption so overheating was no longer a problem. The fin radiators and fan housings were left on in the later models, I think, because he already had the cases custom built and on hand, but they weren’t really needed, and the fans weren’t even installed.