'Incredible Machines'

Hello folks. First time posting my stuff here. I’m a bit of a generalist when it comes to CGI, but my main focus is usually in more organic forms/sculpture. I usually sculpt in Zbrush and render in Blender, but for years I have been levelling up bit by bit seeing what Blender can do. Man, I love this program. Hands down the best software I ever used!

Recently I saw some pieces online which really inspired me to have a go at Hard Surface modelling - and so I did.

I am designing and modelling a series of concept ‘Incredible Machines’, and thought I would share them here. I’m open to C&C as this Hard Surface stuff is quite new ground to me.

I called this one the Humpty Dumpty, because of the Egg-shaped glass cock-pit shape. This concept plane is meant to be some kind of hobbled together machine made from old bits and very new bits. It’s supposed to be a type of reconnaissance vehicle.


Love the details on this! great job!

hello and welcome !
nice modeling ! the biplane is very cool , is that ur concept .?
the first machine is cool ! but i cant imagine its function !
r u going to rig those machines ?

gradyp Thank you very much!

Thanks very much! Yes all my concepts. I would like to rig them eventually yes, but for now I am focusing on improving my modelling. The function of the machines was not so important at first, I kinda liked the fact that you had to guess what they were for. The first one I actually called it ‘The Ambiguity Generator’. :slight_smile:

i like the idea !! make the concept first then think its purpos !
really nice !

Thanks mate - yeah I find it a fun way to do it to make up the story at the same time as creating :slight_smile: By the way, is this the correct way to reply to somebody or is there a way to ‘tag’ them?

make me think of a game i used to play with a freind when one start a sketch ,and the other try to figure out how to finish it !
i dont know if there a way to tag people here ! sorry :frowning:

No worries, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

A Jetpack design I started

I realised my portfolio didn’t have much in the way of Environments so I created this warehouse type scene which I shall also use to ‘house’ my Humpty-Dumpty craft.

looking great. love the details!

Thank you heraSK!

Some updates on my Warehouse environment


Loving the detail you put into these models.

Thanks robbur :slight_smile:

I made some goggles that looked almost exactly like this a few years ago (actually made made, with tools and real materials). I wanted to try to recreate it digitally and possibly improve upon it.

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I have started to combine some of my assets so soon, with any luck, I can make characters and scenes together :slight_smile: