incredible movies/series that you never want to see again

Have there been (good) movies, or series that have gripped you so emotionally that you would not dare to watch them again?

Amores Perros. But then I ended up watching it again anyway :P. The one movie I haven’t seen twice is Breaking the Waves. Though lately I’ve been trying to track it down, and can’t find it anywhere.

There’s tons of films that are mind numbingly bad, like Robocop 3 for example. Terrible film and a terrible way end a trilogy.

Or Conan the Destroyer. Conan The Barbarian is spectacular film, Arnold’s best if you ask me, and then someone got the birght idea of trash everything that was in the first film and make a film, that makes the worst Marvel Conan comics look works of art.

Blair Witch Project, a spectacular presentation of force of how to market homevideos correctly. But in this case we didn’t have celebrity home porn, just a bunch of idiots running in circles. The sequal was just plain drivel. I’m actally still a bit pissed of the fact, that I actually paid for the ticket to see Plain Boring Problems.

Das Boot. That movie is so involving in it’s desperation I had to take a shower after.

“monster” it was a great movie but i found it so hard to watch, charlize theron was so good in that movie, and so ugly

Schindler’s List.

Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan


sixth sense

that movie scares the crap out of me, and stays with me for days. such an intensly powerfull movie. in a great way. because it pulls you all the way down to the bottom, evil, sad, depressing. then a powerful great optomistic ending. such a masterpeice.

i usually avoid anything that is too depressing or has a strong negative feel. life is hard enough, without having to search for those types of feelings. but sixth sense is wortht the drop to the bottom, for the ride back up!

that movie f#cking rocked!!!


Thirded. The ending sequence brought tears to my eyes (and that doesn’t happen often). I’ve only seen it once, but not in its entirety (missed the first half-hour or so?). I’d like to see it again, from the beginning, and paying full attention, but just one more time. It’s definitely not something I want to watch over and over again.

Also, “The Pianist” is another one of those films…Watched it at school on a projector (from the DVD, so it was tragedy in Hi-Def). I (mentally) jumped from my seat with every gunshot.

Elfen Lied. It’s an anime. And it’s a pycological horror. I think it’s worse than Saving Private Ryan.

A powerful movie makes me want to watch it over and over, not not want to watch it again.

LORD OF THE RINGS! All three. I have had at least two marathons in which I watched all three extended DVD editions in a row. (12 hours) Visualizes Gandalf and Rohirrim rushing down into Helm’s Deep. And the battle between Frodo and Gollum in the cracks of Mt. Doom. And nazgul screeching at Minas Morgul. And…

Very emotionally powerfull movies (and books), at least for me. I think the soundtrack has a lot to do with it…

"A powerful movie makes me want to watch it over and over, not not want to watch it again. "


my dog spot

(LOL XD…no joke though)

didnt see that, seconded also. I did a marathon once, watched every episode back to back. i was crying like a bitch at the end when in the interview, he talks about not being a hero, but fighting with them. having stayed awake for about 24 hours might also have had something to do with it…

Oh definatly, Elfen Lied holds my vote too. Though I managed to sneak a few peaks again of the final episode 3 weeks later :slight_smile:

grave of the fireflies, also.

The Titanic.

Yeah, it was emotional and incredibly long… I liked it a lot the first time I saw it. Then, a couple of years later I sat down to watch it again on vhs and I didn’t like it… too boring. I guess my tastes changed or something.

Romeo + Juliet. The modernized one. The settings and props are cool, but I hate how it begins almost like a slapstick comedy and then that idea is abandoned from the style, but still some actros throw their lines like they still were doing slapstick.


Band of Brothers, Saving private Ryan, and Black Hawk Down. All 3 great movies, but so depressing that I don’t want to watch them ever again.