incredible movies/series that you never want to see again

Saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou last night… I was so “emotionally gripped” - in the “dang this movie suks so hard that I think I’m gonna barf” sense of the term - that I NEVER want to see it again! :smiley:

There are certain scenes that are bitter-sweet for me to watch: the part in Out of Africa when Karen Blixen was leaving Kenya for the final time and her faithful manservant stands watching the train pull away with tears streaming down his face. The scene in Forrest Gump when he’s standing by Jenny’s grave telling her about their son, how well he’s doing, how smart he’s getting… dang good stuff. Others, too - but these are the parts that actually draw you back to watching them again and again. They tend to make you appreciate how blessed you really are in many ways…

Might not count as a movie, but I’d say Final Fantasy X.
The ending brought tears to my eyes…
Never thought I’d be human enough to cry…
And then Squaresoft ruined it by

making Tidus jump out of the water, alive and no longer “a dream” so that they could make FFX-2…

not the best story, but amazingly crafted. :slight_smile:

since we’re reviving this long dead thread, might as well add my picks

  1. American History X (obviously)

  2. Requiem for a Dream

  3. Crash

  4. The Shining

  5. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (kidding. I could watch this movie every day. no joke)

Donnie Darko.


Only ones I can think of now.

Beverly Hills Cop III has the distinction of being the only movie I ever waslked out on. And I see a lot of movies. It was truly, utterly, atrocious. I really liked the first two, however.

I’d agree with you about Forrest Gump, and I’d even add one or two other scenes from that film. Great, great motion picture.

The ending scenes from Psycho will never leave my mind, for different reasons, of course.

My favorite movie of all time is The American President, and my very favorite scene is at the end when Sydney comes running back into the oval office. I always was a sucker for a good romantic comedy, though. :slight_smile:

Every time I watch any Star Wars movie, that opening trumpet sound of the fanfare always takes me back to the summer of '77 when the first one came out. I’ll never forget how great that was, either.

Captain Jack… I think you missed the point of this thread.

Oops… you’re right. I started out on the wrong page, thinking that was the start of the thread. Mea culpa. :rolleyes: Bowing out now…