Incredible program (freeware)

felt like crying first time I used this

whoa, cool. i don’t have windows to try it, but that looks mighty promising judging by their gallery!

I am definitely trying this after my trip to Crater Lake.

Very cool, but I don’t think a demo version counts as freeware.

I think it’s a demo because they aren’t done yet. AFAIK, since I couldn’t find a full version or any mention of it on their site.

Autostitch is nice.

But nothing comes close to the power of Autopano-Sift, Panoramatools, Hugin and Enblend!

Plus this is available for windows, Linux and mac OSX!


At the bottom of the page there is a FAQ, where they mention that there is no commercial product yet.
It looks promising, I’ll also look into Hugin, try them out both!
What I’d need is a complete 360 degree, up and down as well, pano stitcher. The one bundled with my camera does a very good job at putting together one strip of images, but nothing more.

there’s a good one called ‘photofit feel’ but it only does color to a certain pixel limit, then it goes grayscale outside of the border unless you buy the full version. :expressionless:

This one has absolutely no limitations, and is stable. (It’s made by University of British Columbia…they are’nt doing it for the money.)

When I was researching for Panoramic tools, I found most of these apps, and decided to test out Hugin. I was completely lost as how to use it, so i just stuck with Photoshop’s Photomerge. Much easier.

You really should try and get to know Hugin. It is a LOT more powerful than photomerge / autostitch, it seems to be able to handly more akward stitching.

Granted, it is more difficult than “drop all images onto a gui and press Stitch!”, but you get a lot more control over the final image.