incredibles style character

here is a character that is supposed to be incredibles style but its not supposed to be
an incredibles character. they are not the final colors.
and his upperbody is
supposed to be much larger than the lower body. and yes he has no
I am planning to animate him but its a
long way from that.
well anyway here are the pics:

Hi. I Like it but the only thing that I that could be different would be the face. the faces in the Incredibles were more rounded than that. otherwise its awsome. By the way what are your future animations going to be(a Video clip or just an animation)? :wink:

thanks. well about the animations im not sure about that, maybe a logo guy, short film, who knows.

Very nice work.

The hands look way off though. You should have a good look at them and redo them.


I’m having alot of trouble with the hands. Do you know any tutorials for
a cartoony sort of hand?

hand modelling tutes: (Not in English, but you should be able to follow along with the images)


Hey BgDM thanks for the tuts.
the video tut helped out alot on making this:
if there is anything wrong let me know.

Looking good. Much better than the original ones.

The fingers seem to be a little short though. But you may be going for that.

Nicely done and quick too. :wink:


I put my hand over it and the finger length was fine. (no I do not have stubby fingers)

here is an update with the new hands on him (and forgot to render in the mask):