Incredibly Realistic Paintings

(many more at link)


These look like photographs! Alyssa Monks has now been added to my list of awesome artists.

What say you blenderartists?

Either an artist skilled at digital painting or at digital editing of real photos to make them seem like illustrations.

Either way i won’t add her to a list because i don’t like that illustration style.

Thanks for the link. Those are amazing!

@MrNoodle…these paintings are done with oil on canvas, You know,with things called paint brushes.
If you had taken the time to go to her website ( ) you would see some paintings in progress.

I say she has great technique and look forward to seeing how her work develops.
I also say Chuck Close :slight_smile: and Edward Hopper.

Wow, isn’t the world odd?
Renderers being able to archeive Photorealism kinda abuses (not meant in a bad way here) to render paintings and paintings to archeive Photorealism…

So, we now know that blender always was able to render like if things where painted, as paintings just look like photos :slight_smile:

Meh. Anybody can learn to paint photorealistically. It still doesn’t count for anything if you don’t have anything interesting to express.

On a more positive note, you might likethese drawingsone of my professors did when he was on sabbatical. Unfortunately seeing them on a screen doesn’t really do them justice (they’re something like ten feet tall in real life) but they’re still pretty cool.

check also this :

So true. Which is why most people are turning to computer graphics. CG is even easier to learn than actually painting on canvas. There is absolutely no actual talent involved with learning CG. The computer does it all. That is why oil painting and such is becoming a lost art.

Alyssa Monks is quite good, but I don’t think I could ever paint that way, it would drive me nuts. I can appreciate her work though. I think it’s more appealing than say, a Sargent, because her composition is more interesting.

There have been a few cases in recent years of ‘photorealistic’ painters who actually print photos on canvas and paint some glaze over the top. They can generally show ‘work in progress’ to prove authenticity. In at least one case the artist was using stock photos as the basis. BTW, she also claimed to take hundreds of photos of her subject to study the light, colour, etc.

If these use reference images, there’s really nothing so amazing about it. Tracing an image with the right stroke direction to somewhat decrease its quality doesn’t really strike interest in me.

I think its pretty amazing.
ps-my mother in law was the RN at Montclair State for like 20 years. small world!

Ok, so Gary is one scary meth dude.

Wow that explains the amount of super amazing artwork that is at galleries like 3d total, cgtalk, gameartians. No talent at all involved every Tom, Dick and Harry can do this no need to learn anatomy, colour theory, composition, lighting and texturing ‘the computer does it all’ for you. You learn something everyday.:wink:

Have a look at Blenderartists finished section to see how the computer doesn’t do it all. Keep in mind that trash and gems in that section of the forum where made with the same program. I have to ask you what makes the difference? CG artists are as talented as their traditional counter parts they just use a different tool to get the job done. Give them some respect not everyone can do this or is good at it.

Back on topic photorealistic painting, its amazing how many people claim anyone can learn to do this. Reality is more sobering when you find out just how few artists can actually do this even those that can paint in a loose manner very well often can’t pull off this level of realism. Its one thing to paint a body in the impressionistic style of a Monet but to paint it in a photorealistic manner is quiet another. Even if you are brilliant in painting in a impressionistic or post impressionistic or are damn good abstract painter it doesn’t mean you can pull off a photo realistic painting.

I am one of those that believe that not every can learn to paint like this and those that can learn are extremely few in number. The art world is not bursting to the seams with photorealistic artists.

Personally I applaud her incredible dedication to detail, whether or not this can be seen as art is open to interpretation. I think in a sense it’s her ability to make you think it’s a photograph that is both the art and the non-art of it. Maybe a case of emulation being to close for you to “appreciate the irony”? Meaning that when it seems to be one thing and yet when you go close up you see it’s not at all what you thought it was… Also, the composition is probably quite striking when viewed at full size yet on reduced online format it seems like a digital artist copying it with stylus…

Well anyway, give it to her - she’s got determination.

wow, that’s epic O_O

I do think that was sarcasm, but if not, go look at all the shit in the finished gallery.

It’s amazing that she is able to draw in such a detail; you might think it’s a photo. But as soon as that wow effect passes, I just ask myself: so what? Taking a picture would look 100% like it’s a photo and 99% like it was drawn by Alyssa Monks but without the need for this tedious micro-paint-work… just because it’s veryvery hard and time consuming it’s not more interesting then the original photo template.

So what’s the point in painting then, expect for the “proof of ability”?

I don’t see why anyone can even question if this is art or not, photorealism is an established branch of painting much like impressionism, expressionisms, surrealism etc and for that matter so is photography. Or do people’s defination of art not extend that far if installions such as an unmade bed, a pile of bricks or a urinal can be conisder art and a painting not than I begin to wonder. just because something is realistic doesn’t mean it is devoid of any artistic value.

I think what one would consider as art and what not is a personal opinion and nothing more.

So there is no point in arguing about if something is art or not.

What I wanted to say is: it’s astonishing what she did but for me, it looses its attraction very quickly because it’s that near to a photography, that I would prefer the photography :wink:

This stuff is amazing.