Increment rotation for more than 5 degrees?

Let’s say i have a lot of cubes and platforms and i need flexibility in rotation. I want to rotate these platform by 45/90 degrees instantly and without using CTRL button (which also gives only 5 degress rotation), and i don’t want to use “R-Z-45/90” combination either. I just want to make rotation much faster, using only R button. How can i do that?

If you have a keyboard that supports macros, you can do the R-Z-45-Enter there.

I tried to look it up but apparently you cant change the default 5 degree to any other value…

You can map to a key a rotation of an arbitrary angle around a coordinate axis, by adding an entry in User Preferences -> Input -> 3D View (Global). The operator name to use is ‘transform.rotate’. In the options you can set the angle and axis.