Incubator /ceramic product

Hi all, here s commerce viz of my design of ceramic product…Blender, Yafaray - pathtracing, GIMP , MOTIVA…[email protected] are welcome… :wink:

better resolution:

Very clean, very pleasant. Really like the simplicity. Good work! :wink:

Looks great! Can’t you show us a wireframe of the salad?

Did you actually model the food/plants or just added them with gimp ??? since you only mentioned viz of your ceramic product…and they all SEEM to have different lighting than what is seen on the ceramic product …Also your ceramic Product SEEMS to fade into the BG here and there…

Really love the simplicity …

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Great Job!!!

Salad is stock image, because this is product visualisation, not cg project for long time :wink:
Everything else is model, tea three is from server and pasta is my model done for 20 minutes in 2.49 …
Rendered in 0.1.1 Yafaray - pathtracing , postpro in GIMP and Motiva…
Pasta and tea three is originally in scene…and fade design into bg it expected result focused on clean and high simplicity…Best regards

Wow! Awesome.

I like the simplicity and elegance, but most of all - it makes a pleasant image to look at because of the good colour / object placement composition. Nice when people remember that it’s not only about the model, but also how the end render looks like :slight_smile:

Great work! I love the composition and clean feel of the scene. One little remark is that the salad is not visible in between the edge of the two left bowls, though I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not. Otherwise it’s nice :wink:

Thanks fot comments, agree with small salad fail, but this version is better by my client opinion like with shadow on edge…

So this isn’t what your client picked?it looks very nice and clean.

Can you show us what your client choose?