Indent Road Into Landscape?

Hi All,

I have a sphere with a displace modifier on it. The displace is controlled by a procedural texture.

I have a curve that I want to use as a road. I am using the shrinkwrap modifier, in projection mode, to conform the curve to the sphere.

My question is how do I indent the displace so it synchronizes where the curve falls?

As I type this, I realize it may be better to use an image map instead of a procedural texture for the displace, but even with an image map I still need to know how project the mapping from the road into a texture?

I have attached an image to show the quality of the projection I am getting out of Blender, not that great.

Any tips or tutorial links would be a great help.



perhaps using a boolean modifier would help, I’m not too sure what you want to do, could you please post a .blend file.

Here is an example of the shrinkwrap modifier failing.

There is an open curve, a closed curve and a nurbs curve in the scene. As you can see none of them work.

I thought Shrinkwrap was a solidly tested modifier? This seems like a basic test, project over a sphere…

What is wrong?
Why won’t my road appear on the surface of the sphere?


shrinkwrap_road_problem.blend (438 KB)

I took the curve and converted it to a mesh object ( alt + c ), which automatically applied the shrink modifier. Then I went into the edit mode of the “road” and selected all the vertices ( a ) and then extruded them ( e ) by 0.1 BU (blender units). I’ve attached the .blend file of how I did it.

I hope it fixes your problem.

Thanks for taking a look at my BLEND file. I was hoping to keep my road in an editable format, not a fixed in stone solution.

I converted the road to a mesh without the shrinkwrap modifer then applied the shrinkwrap modifier to the converted mesh. This failed as well.

I guess the shrinkwrap modifer does not work with an beveled curve correctly. The offset parameter does not seem to do anything usefull. Positive and negative have little/no effect. This modifier is in pretty bad shape as far as project mode for meshes go.

What about using retopo?

I’d like to chime in saying I’m also disillusioned by the shrinkwrap modifier - I find its very limited. The shrinkwrap constraint is also a bit rough.

For this particular project, I’d use a texture anyways, as per this technique :

There’s a tutorial somewhere that uses that technique to make a road, but I can’t find it. And yeah, its a destructive editing process - but it takes just a few seconds to paint on a new road.