lets say I want to make my text or mesh object look like its indented into my surface, what would be the best way to do that?

i dont understand what you are saying.I want to help but can u be more specific please!:confused:

i want to take some text and make it look like its engraved into a seperate object…lets say i have a piece of wood…i want to make it look like i carved the words “life” into it, so i make the wood as one object (mesh) then type the text out… how would i “carve” it in?

Normal maps or displacement maps work wonders. :]

Ahh this is a piece of cake. You are going to do some bump mapping for this. Go into paint or something and make your text (using black text, with a white background).

Then apply an image texture of your text u made to ur object and in the map input tab select flat (it should be defualt). Then go to the map to tab and deselect the “col” button and select the “nor” button and you’ll get ur effect. Here is the look you get with it.


Add Text. Alt-C to convert to Curve. In Object mode Center New to move the Object Center to the center of the text. Shft-S snap your cursor to the text. In Edit mode add a Bezier Circle (and if you want a square instead of a circle select only the four points of the circle and hit V). In Object mode Alt-C to convert to a Mesh. E to Extrude it and now you have a basic shape with hollow text from which you can build your model.


thanks guys i’ll check out both ways…still sorta new to this, on about my 3rd week or so… this is what i needed it for

that looks really good, especially only for your 3rd week.