Independent filmmakers.

Since before joining this forum I’ve notice that there are some talented people that do CGI movies with blender and video cameras here.And for years I’ve been hunting down ways for my short movies to have a more flim look to them without having to take out a second mortgage on my house.

I hope this adapter can help you folks as much as it help me.

Looks really cool. Looking at the example videos makes me wonder what camera they used for those. I wonder what quality can be expected from something like, say, a standard DVcam. Good find, that one.

Hey there fellow moviemaker.

I’m pretty sure the sample footage they have up on the site was shot with a Panasonic DVX100A,it can be set to record at the 24 frames a second,the same speed that flim movie images are taken.But even if you have a standard video camera with one chip you can still use this adapter and covert your frames form 60i to 24p in post with software.Make videos and dvds to be shown onT.V.

When you use this with a High Def video camera,your movie can be shown in theaters on a big screen and not look degraded an blurry.

You mix this together with Blender in your production, and you could put alot of big studio movies to shame.

Wow, this looks great, thanks!