Independent pie menu tool for Windows

This open source tool lets you create pie menus for Windows, independent of the tool you’re using:


Okay, this is getting out of hand… :smile:

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I’ve never really gotten on the pie menu train yet, but maybe it’s time to start :slight_smile: I do like cohesiveness between programs, I’d rather use pie menus on everything than just Blender


Too bad this tool isn’t available for macOS. As I’m planning a return to macOS in the near future, it would not be wise for me to get used to this tool.

You’d think a macOS version should be easy to realize, as the tool is written in JavaScript, but I don’t know if Apple’s strict rules for developers might be a hurdle.

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This looks amazing, seriously. Seeing MS Paint with pie menus convinced me:


It wouldn’t be hard to repackage this into an .app and then just have users go through the “Open System Preferences > Security > Open Anyway” shenanigans, I’d think :thinking:

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That’d be great. Any volunteers around to make a bunch of macOS users happy? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmm… the JavaScript part is simple, my worry is more about the 10% or so that’s AutoHotKey scripts, I have no idea how to translate that to Mac :thinking:


I’m so happy somebody noticed the mspaint bit.


A brilliant demo, congrats to you for the creative idea.

Somehow, something in me never manages to get used to pie menus, whether it is in Blender or elsewhere. But having a sort of universal interface across all of Windows applications, in the way AutoHotPie does, is great.