Index select

This is a script to select mesh data -verts, edges and faces- using the index stored with that data… besides you can select by edge length, face area or vertex distance to cursor, I like this last option the most. You can drag a slider and refresh the selection, values are in % but you can drag with shift to get extra precision. Script will extend actual selection, you may want to deselect before.
I find this almost useful, but tell me what you think…

get the script

edit: made some fixes

I like the Verts one the best with Use Cursor(also with reverse order is a nice touch) seems to be the most useful… –

A little off topic… you seem to be good at scripting, i was thinking about a script…
Control-point-curves, for Blender with Empty Objects as the control operators.
you have seen the String-it script, and the lock to parent script,
now we need a script where everytime you click in a curve creating session, an empty object is added into the scene as an empty object is added. a string-it is hooked to it, and then it is automatically parented to the empty. this could then work with by Mackraken, but you need to change string-it’s default type to bezier thats easy(i already changed mine since curvetools cant loft polylines or nurbs curves yet.) i loathe bezier, but its the only thing that works at the moment.

Oh and if anyone didnt know, you can change the size of empties, in the Object data menu
you can make those sharp points sticking out of the empty really little…
Size change it to like 0.05 or 0.04 or something… :slight_smile:

Very interesting idea however there seems to be something wrong with gui. I selected vertices and started to play with it and now i can not choose anything else.

O ok sry about that yes it works now. Its a little confusing. I thought that those three buttons are for choosing what i want to select.

@zmj100 just modified it to change select mode as you press buttons, see if it feels better like this :slight_smile:

You did not have to do that. I like your addon it is something different.

I would use that EnumProperty like in my object align so people could see what option is selected. Less confusing.

lol, looks like I was a day late :slight_smile:

maybe we can work on this together a little :wink:


very interesting tool!

download soon!

Meta are these the selection tools from the entoform bundle?

@meta just changed the thread name so you can keep working with your script - looks like different things but take whatever you need from this one… :wink: