Index tool (C++ or Python)

There is a tool that I have been planning to make myself for some time and have been awaiting the arrival of 2.5 to start it. Now that the Python API is coming together maybe someone might be able to offer some thoughts on how to approach this.

Will 2.5 allow me to change the view angle in the 3D (F5) screen AND allow me to trigger a Python script using some action in blender as the event.

For example: In sculpt mode after I brush a bump on an object, when I release the mouse button I would like to fire off a script that rotates the view by some predetermined amount. The triggering event would be the completion of the action that Blender is performing.

Why: I’m a sculptor. If you ever get a chance to sit back and watch a carver or clay modeller, you notice they carve methodically and turn or walk around the piece with every action. Sometimes rotating around or hovering around an area and sometimes looking front, and reference perspectives back and fourth. This should be part of the way digital modeling software should behave (imo).

I might tackle this with C++ eventually but I would start it right now if I thought I might do it in Python.

(edit) This tool should index between Object and sculpt mode as well, will that be available in 2.5 from Python?

By the way Crouch this is a good post!

you might be able to do a simple setup with an empty as your center, with a camera parented to it
and just rotate the empty based On click

here’s the python/blender api if you haven’t found it already

oh yeah, and have you tried the numpad keys yet? namely press numpad 1 , then numpad 4 and numpad 6, numpad 8 and numpad 2
they rotate the camera around the center