Indian Blender community- starting up (help needed)

Hey guys,

We are starting with the aim of being the Blender Indian community. I know We had a little disscussion before relating to havin our own site, which ultimately never got faurther than wrting tuts for magines ;).
Any way Arun and his friends living in LA might have approached some of you already in this regard.

Well to begin with you might get scared away with the current WIP design, well dont worry it will be changed soon. As we have already decided upon the site design etc. And the work is unde progress but thats not all the fourn is up and runnings so thats some thing to look forward.

so I will not say more than


Haaaa Mogambo Khush Hua. :smiley:

Ok cuttin the fun, Well I am the jack who is designing the site but you see every site requires some material .ok so I request you Bhartiya Apravasi or othervise :slight_smile: guys to mail me some good pics you did with blender (each guy can send only one). Please do not be dishartend If I do not put all of the pics at one go. They will be added that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

And thats not all If any one of you had written some tuts and article etc relating to blender which you can give to the blenderindia site. Then send me the mail at [email protected] .

Ok if some one of you guys know PHP and willing to do some hard work then please contact us we just might need your services for Mother India. ( :stuck_out_tongue: joking only blender India :wink: ).

Well thats it enjoy!!

How stupid off me,

:expressionless: I forgot to mention that Its Arun and his friends are the one generous enough to get the domain name along with the serverspace.

So one again with revised dialog we all say :slight_smile:
Hail ‘Arun Gambo & friends’