Indian Chieftain engine

This is an fanart animation and few stills made in Blender Cycles. Non commercial, just tor fun. I have weak PC so there is a lot of noise. And, secondly, I have no experience in animation field. This is my second project. Model could not be more detailed becouse of my computer spec. Hope you like it.


next stills


Hello Patriot, modeling is great, I would like to know more about the setting for the metal material. Lighting you’re using HDR, correct? and the fund was made with post production?

Sure. I will show you material set, but later, when i come back to my home. But as i remember its nothing special.

Main light is hdr as you sad.

And im not sure what does yours last question mean. My English isnt best so sorry for that.

Great job!!! Nice details, camera movements - like it!