Indian Joe Author!

Calling the author of Indian Joe, need to speak to you about the spBlended review of the game which will be posted soon.

Ok, I don’t known right now who it was, but you can find his name if you search for Blendergames game contest on google, wait I’ll try. Btw the game can also be found on: somewhere on the server, mayb his name is written in some py files. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found usefull link here: try a user search here, and find his e-mail, or check irc channel Blenderchat or gameblender.

Hm. I’m also not sure, but I think it was lizard or his brother.

it says on the link jd-multi

Authors: Cluh/Lizard809

Hey Nor.J :smiley: didn’t saw you for a while.
Btw, yep on the page there’s displayed Cluh and Lizard809.

Well if you check this topic: You’ll find him in there (search for Lizard809) You can PM him, and as soon he arrives here on the game engine topic, he’ll get a popup. :slight_smile:

Lizard809 seems to have left. :frowning:

i hate when people are leaving :frowning:

i hate when people are leaving :([/quote]

Me too! :< Lizard809 is like Blengine!

lizard has also helped work with crescent dawn

Hmm, that’s good.

Not so good when hes missing :slight_smile: