Indian Palace

This is my new render… Inspired by an advert for Shalimar Guerlin (parfume), probably the most beautifull advert I have ever seen. You should realy take a look at it :
So, I decided to make this scene you can see below… MOUNTAINS are just BACKGROUND IMAGE, the girl too… (Because I’m not a specialist on how to make realistic mountains, and for character modelling, I’m very bad at it because it bothers me:p)
But anyway, that’s the render :

Here is a new version :

The birds are just some images edited with gimp.

Well, it looks gorgeous, but he did say not to have photos be a big part of the scene. The mountains and birds together take up most of the render, so I don’t think this would go along with the rules.

That’s right but that will not be posted in the blender guru competition ! It’s just for fun!:yes:
But thank you, anyway

Any suggestions ?

Cool, where are the textures from?’

From only

Umm, the lighting seems odd. The sun rising/setting behind the city but the city is lit from the side? Wouldn’t it be mostly silhouette?

This is the place like a heaven. All the scenes of this place is awesome. Any body who goes once in this place than he/she will be willing to stay there for their rest of the life

That lens flare is confusing. Is it the sun? Why is it blue?

very nice,lattice work in the parapet is not very visible.this scene will look great in sunset.

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The mountains are looking beautiful in your scene.

It’s not bad for a beginning but it looks absolutely bizarre. But then maybe that’s cause I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Indian Palaces before [and not as a simple tourist].

Anyways for yours, don’t be insulted but this is the focused critique area and I know these structures quite well.

The sun is in the wrong position.

The fortress is flat, uncharacterized and bland. It looks like you merely applied an array modifier and went from there. Add some differences and bump mapping.

I’d also say the mountains are too close.

There’s a number of other issues but I’ll quit there.

But for the record, don’t use a commercial as a reference piece particularly when it’s a white woman for Mumtaz Mahal. She wasn’t white, she was Persian or Iranian.

A proper reference would be the Amber Palace which might have been, given some of the shots, where this film was taken.