Indian Raider

(ntnsftr) #1

An exercise project I did last week…
I didn’t go very much into the details of the models as it makes no sense with dynamic topology…
Background composed with some of my older models.
Rendered with Cycles: 5000 (corrected :)) samples



Some render tests

(JohanvdM) #2

Amazing! I love the details like the toolmarks in the base. Just helps to make it look so much more realistic. Is the lighting hdr?

(koolstrings) #3

nice work. How did you set the lighting?

(SpindleRift) #4

Amazing work. The only thing that is bugging me some is the horse looks a little strange. I think maybe the neck isn’t long enough? Maybe its just the angle. Regardless, the detail is amazing and the rider looks great.

(Nathan.Ferguson) #5

Amazing work man :smiley: Brilliant!

(Jeepster) #6

woah! incredible sculpt. I’m impressed

(Nita) #7

wow this one looks amazing… very fine details… can you post close up of face??


(Partin) #8

Very nice render.
Your Native American is almost perfect. about the horse… I think you could do it better by studding some about horses’ anatomy!
In your case It’s better to take an American Indian horse for modeling such as Mustang breed.
Some good photos from wikipedia:
A Mustang:

Horse’s Anatomy:

Thank you for sharing your nice work.

(CG-Predator) #9

Nice sculpting, but the horses pose is bothering me. Its doesn’t look like its galloping , besides the tail and the neck hair.
Maybe lean the whole horse a bit forward. Check this link:
Nice work

(place57) #10

Nice. I agree with some of the others about the horse. The legs seem wrong to me.

(ntnsftr) #11

@ JohanvdM
@ koolstrings
Lighting is done with 4 poly lights. One for window, one for the sun, one for the fill light (with a blue tint) and one for a small lamp close to the model (yellow tint)

@ Nita
The face is very simple with no details at all. I knew it will be rendered very small so I didn’t care.

@ CG-Predator,
@ Partin
Thanks for all suggestions, I’ll remember them when I’ll make a horse anathomy study next time. This time it was a quick dynamic topology exercise and I found out that it’s not easy to manipulate the object done in dyntopo with transform tools like scale (additionally with proportional editing on) at least on my notebook it’s almost impossible - blender hangs with every try (too many points, faces). So I didn’t even try to fix anyting outside of sculpting tools even when I saw that it should be done.
And if it comes about the horse, I just took few first images which I’ve found on google as references and did a very general and rough sculpt of the horse I was not trying to do a specific horse breed model. So I agree that the horse may be a little bit mutated :slight_smile:
Also posing the horse done as dyntopo sculpt was not possible in my case.

(michalis) #12

Amazing. Excellent ntnsftr!
I wonder if all the background is 3d. Even the poster-car on the wall. LOL I know, but it’s very convincing.
About scaling. Your basic scaling tool is the pinch-magnify.
Indeed, make it huge, turn dyntopology off, ctrl+drag is a nice magnifier. Or the opposite. A little grab then, but also try recent blender builds. Our good friend Psy-Fi upgraded the problematic twist tool. Now you can do some miracles with it.

(ctdabomb) #13

Awesome sculpt and render!

(AlinB) #14

I love this one man. Amazing work. Can`t say anything wrong about it. :slight_smile:
Great one!

(Kemmler) #15

Pretty amazing, but for full realism, should the feathers and feather tufts not be a different color/material? IRL you could probably not sculpt such things from clay.

(Kramon) #16

5k samples lol? why so much?

(ntnsftr) #17

@ michalis
I was turning dyntopo off to make some changes in pure sculpt mode because it was much faster, but didn’t try pinch-magnify tool :slight_smile: maybe next time…

@ Kemmler
You could be right but feathers could be also painted to the clay color :wink: I didn’t care about such details this time…

@ Kramon
Because of the DOF… Even at 5k it’s still quite noisy imho.

(hetors) #18

Love it :slight_smile: !!

(1RazorX1) #19

Amazing How did you do this and how long it took?

(Nivos) #20

My first reaction was WOW.
My second reaction was WOWWWW.
My third reaction was …

Well, enough of that. I saw the model in the feature row and was just blown away.
This is what you call an exercise project with not too much detail? I would call it my life’s work.
This is the absolute best sculpt I’ve seen this far. I’m really hoping you continue to “exercise” and post it here.