indian rock & metal studs material/texture

Hello Blenderists,

I’m working on a 3D model of the MAS-museum in antwerp, Belgium
I have the basic model down, but am breaking my head on how to build the texture.
I am rendering in cycles, so can’t seem to use outside textures?

the facade consists of indian red rock tiles in slightly varying shades of reddish orange to orangish red,
the rows have alternating metal studs every three tiles, giving the whole building a fancy texture when hit by sunlight
every three rows, the pattern starts repeating
some pics to clarify:
the building itself, it is a museum

inside texture
outside detail:
first i was thinking along the lines of multiple noises superimposed on each other, like squares for the panels, a stucci noise for the stony look and larger cloud noise for the more general color differences,

but it seems i could use the brick node for these, its the studs that pose the problem though
i’m looking for a way to apply them to the material itself, so i don’t have to define a couple k little piramids
a particle system just pops to mind, as many things already did, have you got any tips for me?

Of course you can use image textures in Cycles.

I noticed last night while i was looking up more on the node and material editing
i tried but it seems i’ll have to decently UV unwrap it to make the tiles not go bananas
full steam ahead! this is my first test, just basic shape and some glass panels